Wwii Military

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can i find free WWII soldier records online?

Squad info, kills, rank, things like that??
My grandparents are the soldiers i wanted to research. Can i access them since im related?

Best Answer...


Military service records are not a public record to be put on the internet for fee or free, they are only available to the Veteran or next of kin if veteran is deceased from the NARA.

There are websites of WWII Military units with some battle information and sometimes the names of those in the units. There are books in the library and on Google Books about WWII and some Veterans wrote of their time in the service.

If your parent who is thier child is alive then they can request the files if no then you can. I did for my grandfather and father after father died. Be aware that 80% of the Army/Air Corp of the period were burned in a 1973 fire. Navy and Marines are ok as they were not stored their then.
If Army you can look up enlistment at this link for free: