Wrench Lot

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do i replace clutch on civic 97?

and how long will it take or difficulty level?
i also cant read the books too well i learn by someone telling me,,,,,or if theres a website i can see "how to do"

Best Answer...


Hope this link will help you.

I have done this repair many times, using my shop, and tools, and knowledge.

Not pretty if using your own garage, and first time experience.

Lots of Jack stands, going to have to have the vehicle align after repair, prenty of en tensions, 12mm sockets, 14mm sockets and wrenches, lot-es of exhaust brackets, shields, Engine to Trans, Bolts are Tight. A few hidden Bolts, and starter bolt hard to get at. Will need to Jacks, or support Engine while lowering transmission when taking axles out, watch for fluids poring out, not pretty if under the car when pulling out. Been there the first time, still cleaning my Face. Check all the Ground wires which are attaching to the trans, and engine, and disconnect all, and connections. If any of these are not attached after the engine will not Start.

Level 5 to a experience tech, Home person 12 level