Wood Carving

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how can i mill a chunk of a log into a block for carving?

We had to cut down plumb tree after a windstorm last week, and have a few 15"x 10" logs left over. I have been wanting to get into wood carving / whittling and was wondering if I could cut or take these logs somewhere and get a few 6x6 or 8x8 or whatever blocks of wood.
Also would Plumb even be good to carve?

Best Answer...


Those are nice small branches !! I would look for your local lumber-yard, they should have a band-saw large enough to square them up for you.

We have 2 or 3 LARGE oaks that fall on our property each year... leaving 24" to 48" trunks that we have. We fortunately have a local friend with a mobile saw-mill to rip the 12' long logs into planks.

Plumb is a nice hardwood. Make sure after you have them squared up to let them season for a year or so in a low-humidity environment.