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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this present for my birthday, from my boyfriend more suitable for a friend..?

My bf of a year who says that he is in love with me, first he bought me a black and cream vintage small scarf (from 1969) (which he washed) from Portobello market, with pen marks on it.
I told him that I didn't like stained old items, and gave it back to him.
Then he bought me a medium sized London notebook from the British Museum, with small bits of London history written inside.
I was hurt because I thought that this present was more for a friend than a gf, he thought that it was great cause I could write some thoughts in it, and he said that he loved notebooks.
He than told me furiously that he knows 3 different girls that would love the vintage stained scarf.
What do you think about the notebook as a birthday present for a gf of a year?

Best Answer...


hey dear..just make him know that Gifts should be liked by the receiver and that it is not enough if only he likes them....
try presenting him those which he likes knowing from him..
then you ll get a chance to convey your message indirectly..