Torch Keyring

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what can i do if i have done bunnies eggs the quest the box and when i have no points in Arctic antics?


Best Answer...


Well you can get points by using the coupons, here are some:

If you need help with the Quest:
First, you need a crate, iron bar, whistle, key (In the undergrowth)and a coke can then go to the river but put down the crate (becos if you jump with the crate you will die) and jump then blow the whistle. Then you need to find the pencil and the torch keyring then go to the stone and when you climb up the stone and open it with the iron bar and climb down and you will get the nails. After that, go back to the river but don't jump for the branch or you will die so just blow the whistle. After you done that, pick up the crate and go to the house. Put down the crate and stand on it then climb over the window and you need the torch keyring to get the hammer. When you climb out of the window, go to the river and go into the wood and go to the marsh place (whatever it's called) and then you will see the tree house there and that's where the ice crystal but the ladder is broken so you need to fix the ladder with the nail and the hammer. When you fix it, you need the glove in the inviting place which is located in the wood somewhere. (the glove is in the rocky mountain somewhere)You need the glove becos the ice crystal is too cold to put on your hand. After you get the glove, go to the tree house again and climb up the ladder and get the ice crystal. Then you'll need to go to the gate which is in the edge of the field and when you found it, unlock it, here we go!!! After you done the Quest1, you can go to the (hush hush) secret area where it says: Do not bother clicking here and click that and they will give you a coupon which worths 50 points.

If you need help with the bunnie hunt:
this is the bunny hunt: P.S: I don't think that they're in order but this will help

Bunny1:put in a code in special code place and put in any 1 and there is a bunny.

Bunny 2: go to the page where it shows the 12 bunnies, then log out. you will see bunny 2 there.

Bunny 3: Click the hyperlink that says "Gift Card," then you click the picture of the membership voucher, after that click on the word, 'win' that is after 'NO' that is in the top sentences

And since some people are having problems with this, click on this link:

Bunny 4: It is in the quest where you pick up the iron pipe. If you don't know where that is than this is how you get to it:

to get to the iron pipe, you first go to the river then go to the right. after that look under the platform and investigate it. there you will see the little bunny above the choices.

Bunny 5: click on the word competition in the phrase: blowsight won last week's competition.

Bunny 6: go to edit your profile and then go to the RC tracker

Bunny 8: This one appears after you enter a special coupon that you have not used and is accepted

Bunny 10: This one is a little tricky but really easy. Go to Cool Comp shop and click on the penguin, keep on clicking until you see EGGS?. What you need to do is just see which word is click able that you send you to the next part. keep doing that for like 3 times and you will get the bunny.

Bunny 11: Located in the game, Zed, at the top right corner of the game page.

Bunny 12:This one is in the blog, on the first post of Cool Comp

Additional Note about Bunny 12:
Since some are saying they can't find it on the first post, here is the link to it:

After you've finished, I think you will get 20 points.

If you need help with the Egg Hunt:

These are not in order but this should be all of them.
1. in the cursor page click 3rd then any other.
2. after you take the quiz
3. go into the blog and then go to about arctics antics. (I think this is the last one)
4. one in the quests page.
5. one in cool comp's shop
6. one in the video interview page at the bottom.
7. click on the 12 month Club Penguin membership then click on the penguin in the page there should be one there.
8. click on your own name then click on edit your own profile and there should be one there.
9. go into the quest again and then go to the house then go around back to the gate
10. go to the game reviews and click on any of the write reviews and there should be one there.
11. buy a lottery ticket and on the page after you buy it, there should be one.
12. go to the game boulder basher 2 and scroll down a bit.

This should be all of them Remember, not in order but that's all of them.

After you finished the Egg hunt, you get 20 points like in the bunnies hunt.

Hope this will help!!!