Tool Wood

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have laid a solid wood floor (Maple)the wood keeps expanding and lifting quite dramatically ...?

The wood was given time to acclimatise on each occassion there is one area where warm pipes run underneath...the floor is laid on a wood floor with 3/4in ply on top. The first occassion the floor was glued the second time glue was applied to the sides of the wood only.

Best Answer...


Remove the scirting if you ran it underneath and remove 10mm all round the edge of the flooring then replace the scirting to cover the gap. but do this when its on a normal phase of it's expantion and is flat to the floor
A good tool stockist or Hire shop will be able to advise you about the best tool.
Wood is a living thing and will react to its surroundings/enviroment