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Frequently Asked Questions...

what tool manufactures offer a free replacement if one breaks?

if you have a craftsman wrench and it breaks you can get a free replacement. What other tool manufactures replace broken tools for free? I already know that no one replaces electronic tools for free.

Best Answer...


Most manufacturers offer some type of replacement warranty for their hand tools. Some are a little better than others though.

Snap-On and Matco, for example, warranty all of their tools that I know of but sometimes the warranty is different from item to item.

For construction tools Stanley, Black and Decker, and Dewalt are all pleasant companies to deal with from my experiences.

The bottom line is that all quality tool manufacturers offer a guarantee against defects and most will replace anything as long as you were not abusing it or using it for an unintended purpose. For the general handyman, however, it is nearly impossible to beat Craftsman's policy. If it breaks you walk into Sears and get a new one. For the price of their tools to begin with they are one of the best values out there. The only problem I have encountered is I go through a lot of ratchets, and sometimes their sockets break easier than something from Snap-On for example. But I highly recommend Craftsman to anybody interested, especially to the backyard wrencher. Very good tools with an excellent reputation for customer service. Some other companies can be prohibitively expensive unless you work on vehicles full time or can obtain credit through them. Craftsman is great.