Slip Joint

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Kitchen sink slip joint nut and washer doesn't tighten?

The pipe for the kitchen sink slipped off, there was some kind of glue holding the washer to the pipe and I guess it just became less effective over time. So I bought a new slip joint nut and washer and it fits on the spot but it won't tighten. What kind of glue do I use to keep it in tact?
I took the pipe but it's not going to help them, it's the actual sink it doesn't fit on... I can't take that with me...

Best Answer...


You're not suppose to use glue. These are compression type fittings. Must be something else wrong. Take it all apart and take it with you to a plumbing supply store and they can diagnose the problem and sell you exactly what you need.
Are you talking about the drain? Where the pipe attaches to the strainer basket is also a compression fitting. You can take the strainer basket out and take it with you. If it's a bathroom sink the drain can come out of the sink as well. What I'm saying is you don't have to take the whole sink out. lol