Sharpening Stone

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there a stand alone world of warcraft add on that monitors weapon/item procs and poisons/sharpening stones?

I'm looking for an addon that monitors weapon procs like goose/exec, item procs like light's strenght, trinket buff duration monitor [blood lust brooch and the like], sharpening stones or poisons and alchemical flasks/elixirs.

Doesn't matter if I have to use multiple add ons, I just struggle at monitoring them.

Thanks for any form of help!

Best Answer...


I'm not sure if there is one or not. You might want to dry downloading WoW Matrix. It's a program that has a lot of addons and it updates everything automatically for you when you run the program instead of updating each addon individually. I would say if there is one you would have a good chance of finding it on there.