Set Wood

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Rate My D/P Team?? Is it good??

I have just beaten the eighth gym.

Name: Empoleon
Move Set: Surf, Flash Cannon, Drill Peck, Ice Beam.
Ability: Torrent
Hold Item: Shell Bell
Level: 66
Gender: Male

Name: Blissey
Move Set: Psychic, Healing Wish, Egg Bomb, Sing.
Ability: Serene Grace
Hold Item: Wide Lens
Level: 65
Gender: Female

Move Set: Wood Hammer, Blizzard, Avalanche, Earthquake.
Ability: Snow Warning
Hold Item: Leftovers
Gender: Male

Name: Rapidash
Move Set: Bounce, Flamethrower, Poison Jab, Megahorn.
Ability: Flash Fire
Hold Item: Wide Lens
Level: 63
Gender: Female

Name: Drapion
Move Set: Crunch, Cross Poison, Earthquake, X-Scissor
Ability: Sniper
Hold Item: Wide Lens
Level: 62
Gender: Male

Name: Drifblim
Move Set: Fly, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt.
Ability: Aftermath
Hold Item: Wise Glasses
Level: 61
Gender: Male

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I give it an 8

You have a good mix