Rosewood Brass

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Frequently Asked Questions...

report on the bassoon help please!!!!!!?

1.what family of instruments does it belong 2
2.when was it developed
3.what materials are used 2 make this(up 2 3)
4.what is the origin of the name of the instrument

Best Answer...


1. the bassoon is a woodwind instrument in the bass and tenor registers
2. it was developed in the middle of the 17th century (around 1650) by Martin Hotteterre. the dulcian is considered to be the forerunner.
3. maple, rosewood, brass (the bocal can be made of various metals)
4. the original name is fagotto (italian) what means a bundle (of parts) (a bassoon consist of 5 parts). the name bassoon is probably used because f a g o t(to) has a "different" meaning in english. french uses a similar name (basson), but french and english have many equal root words.