Pulley Block

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I need REAL life examples of the following simple machines.?

1st class lever-(not a seesaw/teeter totter whatever)
fixed pulley-
moving pulley-
block and tackle-
inclined plane(and please don't just say a ramp leading into the back of a truck because that doesn't help me at all)
wedge-other than a door stop

Best Answer...


lever, a crowbar available in a hardware store, very real.

block and tackle is something you can walk into a hardware store or a marine store and buy, how much more real to you want.

And a block and tackle is a good example of a fixed pulley and a moving pulley.

Screw, again, in the hardware store get a nut and bolt, good example, very real.

And for the last 2, you have perfectly good examples, what is wrong with them? You won't find any better ones. For wedge, you can use a log splitter also.