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Frequently Asked Questions...

Infinity Kappa or Kenwood Excelon speakers in my car?

Im trying to decide, I have a RX8 and i have already installed the Kenwood DDX812. The front are going to be Components, the rear are 6x8", and my center is a 4". What should I go with, the Infinity Kappas or with Kenwood Excelons? I will be powering the main 4 speakers off of a Kicker 650.4 amp and the center with a 100 watt Kicker amp.

Best Answer...


I like the Kappas too - just be careful powering them. They have a 2 ohm impedance and will draw 170W RMS from a Kicker 650.4.

The Infinity (Kappa) Perfects handle that much power a little better - 10W RMS higher handling capability, but have much better resistance with 3 ohm impedance.