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Frequently Asked Questions...

I need a good working axe for felling trees etc. No Throwing or display models.?

I just found out among other things my old axe didn't make the move. So I wanted to replace it as part of my SMALL prepping additions.
Note never used a double bit axe and unless you make a good argument for it would lean toward a single bit. Just looking for one made with good steel, sound design and a good sturdy handle. Fiberglass is ok but it will have to also accept a wood replacement handle. ( I'm hard on them).
Full size.
Preferably advice from someone who has used a few axes. The chainsaw has taken it's toll on the lumberjack world. LOL
By whatever's answer comment. Did you read what I said. For felling trees. I have much better things to stop critter including the 2 legged ones if it comes to that. I repeat for the ones who didn't read the whole question. The axe is for cutting wood. . Did I ask for a axe murders advise? Gez!
excuse me xxyd999 's answer/comment
Prepper too. LOL I'm old enough to remember that annoying song.

Best Answer...


Ames True Temper is a good product. They are not real expensive but are good quality. I would argue for a double bit axe because the extra weight makes felling trees less work. You can also sharpen one edge to razor sharpness for felling and file the other edge at a steeper bevel to use when there is danger of getting into dirt or rocks, saving the finely honed edge. As far as using a single bit axe as a hammer as one person suggested-don't. You will distort or even break the eye is you use it to drive a splitting wedge. If you want to split wood with a wedge, buy a maul.