Jointer Plane

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Frequently Asked Questions...

waht are the uses of block plane, jack plane, smoothing plane, and jointer plane?

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- Planes –
Planes have a single purpose; all they do is smooth wood, that’s it! But which ones will you have in your carpentry tool list? Planes remove a thin shave of wood on each pass, that’s about the thickness on a piece of paper, not much! But say you had a gap in your wood work that was the same thickness as, say 5 sheets of paper, can you now see how important the plane is. Like always life is never simple and there’s a variety to choose from, each designed for a different task.

Jack Plane
The plane is designed to be used for long periods of time as it is light enough to handle, yet long enough to smooth out bumps.Jack planes allow you to remove excess wood and flatten sawn timber.
Jack planes comes in 2 different sizes, the No 5 (2in (50mm) blade with) and the No 5 ½ (2 2/8in (60mm) blade with). They have a length between 14 – 15 inches, which is classed as medium length.

Try Plane or Jointer Plane
The plane is designed for you to straighten long timber.Being the largest of the planes (number 7); you will certainly find it the heaviest.

When you set the plane you can produce perfect edge joints. The blade with is 2 /8in (60mm) and is 22in in length.

Fore Plane
This is in between the jack plan and try plane, you can use as a go an in-between model.
Sizes at Number 6 and has a blade with of 2 3/8in (60mm).

Smoothing Plane
The smoothing plane help you clean up timber, which has already been planed, such as machine planned wood or manual from the jack, try and fore plane.

This plane gives you the finishing touches. The smoothing plane has a blade with rounded edges, helping it not to catch the wood. The rounded edges allow the plane to follow the grain, unlike the other panes that slice through the wood. The following the grain will make you work to become smoother.

Block Plane
You can hold the block planer in one hand. Designed for you to use on timber end grain and small jobs. The blade is set a shallower angle than the other planes and has only a single iron.

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