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Frequently Asked Questions...

Worth More? CHINESE or JAPANESE Vintage Plastic Toys / Action Figures ?

I was wondering if there is a general rule regarding which tend to be worth more.
Chinese or Japanese Old Plastic Toys.
I am thinking of the ones that are just random figures like dinosaurs, action figures etc.

I am not talking about the metal ones, just to be clear.

Please help with any input if you can :)

Best Answer...


Age is probably more important, so Japanese toys from say 1945 until about 1965 would be the best, well some of them at least. Back then, there wasn't much made in mainland China, although plenty made in Hong Kong, which was, of course, a British Crown Colony then.

Some of the most collectable are rip-offs of US, UK & other European made toys, and some specialist collectors like to get the originals and the copies of the same thing.

One company worth researching is Transogram. They had offices in New York City, but had their toys made in HK, and other places in the far east. One of the sets they made which are now rarer than the originals were a set of toy knights, the figures copies of Britains Ltd famous (among toy soldier collectors) Wars of the Roses Swoppets (Google them, there's a specialist website. great toys) but their horses were copies of the Timpo (another UK toy soldier manufacturer) knights (smaller & cheaper to copy). These were made about 1960-65.