Drill Bit

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is a better drill bit for drilling through metal? 118 or 135 degrees?

Im only going to use these drill bits for metal. Do you recommend a brand or kind of drill bit. I want a bit that will drill through hard metal too and last a good amount of time.

Best Answer...


For most uses the standard twist drill bit (118deg)
will work just fine.

But tool life will depend a lot on material to be drilled , drill speed and feed...As well as lubrication.
Basically the larger the bit the slower the RPM and a little pressure is OK.
The small the bit the higher the RPM and lesser pressure involved...

Steel and copper metals will take regular lubricants like cutting oil or plain oils...While aluminum often requires a wax or special formulated cutting fluid...Aluminum heats up the bit rather rapidly..

High speed steel will usually do just fine for most drilling into mild steel , brass, copper or aluminum..
Carbide bits are needed when working harder material like tool steel...Carbide is harder but more expensive and more brittle....

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