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Vintage Yale  Towne Die Cut Double Sided Figural Key Shaped Advertising Sign
Vintage Yale Towne Die Cut Double Sided Figural Key Shaped Advertising Sign
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Die Cut


Postcard Marketing: When to Use Die-Cut Direct-Mail Postcards

With most   direct mail postcards , all you'll ever need is a good, old-fashioned rectangular design: 6x8, 6x11, and so on. But when you really need to make an impact, die-cut postcards are the way to go. What are die-cut postcards? Die-cut postcards are custom-made designs, cut in nearly any shape you need. For example: a postcard in the shape of a top hat... or a birthday cake... or a car. You get the idea. Your imagination is the only limit. When should you use die-cut postcard marketing? 9 times out of 10, if you're just mailing a simple promotion or offer, a standard cut will do. Standard cut postcards are more cost-efficient, because they're cheaper to make and cheaper to mail too. But when response is critical, and you really need to resonate with your audience, die-cuts will grab attention like no other mailer. They're perfect for announcing large events and sales, branding your company or even increasing sales of big-ticket items. Think about it. What does your mail usually look like when you pull it from the box? Just a bunch of bills, envelopes, circulars and other square-shaped stuff, right? Now, imagine if there was also a postcard in the shape of a gorilla. What would you notice first: the envelopes, or the gorilla? Which would your kids notice? Which would you be most likely to put on the fridge, or show to your spouse? Die-cut promotional postcards will always stand out and get the attention of your target market. Combined with the right message, they can bring amazing results to your postcard marketing. M. Marlin is a postcard marketing specialist for   PostcardPower Postcard Marketing , based in Elizabethtown, Pa. For more information on direct mail postcards, Mr. Marlin can be contacted via http://www.postcardpower.com

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Die Cutting for Beginners - Sizzix Sidekick

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