Can Oiler

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Answer some questions?

1. Donald Brashear or Marty Mcsorley? Brashear for me.

2. Favourite hockey arena? Rexall and air canada center.

3. Do you Know who Willy Oree is?

4. Agree or Disagree Vladimir Konstantinov was the most underrated body checker in NHL history?

5. If Chris Pronger Did'nt get traded to to St.Louis how would his carrer turned out?

6. Did you see the knee on knee that Shawn Thorton of boston gave pk subban last night?

7. Pekke Rhinne or Joonathan Quick?

8. Was brad may a good fighter?

9. Whats for lunch today? I had milk shake and a snadwich.

10. Whats for dinner tonight? I think Pizza tonight.

11. If you got to be on Coach's Corner what would you compalain about?

12. Is your city cold? mind is.

13. Have you ever been in a school fight? i have back in third grade.

14. Can oilers beat avs tonight? I hope so.

15. Biggest trash talker in hockey section?

Best Answer...


1. Brashear
2. I'm biased and I've only been to one, so the phone booth.
3. Actually, yes I do. I checked out one of the very few hockey books in my library called "The Game I'll never forget" and it talked About Billy O'ree and how he really changed the NHL forever.
4. Disagree
5. Umm, he plays for the Flyers...
6. Nope, our hotel doesn't have the NHL Network.
7. Quick, as of now
8. Yes
9. N/A
10. It's friday, so I know we're going out...
11. How shitackular the Caps D is. Did you see how sloppy we were last night!? girl Scouts could've played better D!
12. Freezing! (literally) Snow in Falls Church in October, crazy stuff...
13. Yes (are you really surprised?) I beat up my ex-best friend in 2nd grade and in 4th grade a dude was making fun of my friend and I made him apologize...
14. I hate the Oilers right now. So I hope not also go Varly!
15. You're to sensitive.