Blow Torch

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how can you make creme brulee without blow torching the top ?

in every tutorial / how to video / recipe i google online, they always tell me to use a blow torch ! is there a way i can melt the sugar on the top without using a blow torch ? my parents would never let me use one (or buy one, like we ever need it), and i need to make creme brulee for french class !

Best Answer...


In addition to using a broiler (which is the best way to make true creme brulee but can be a bit of a pain in the rear in terms of getting it to evenly caramelize) , you can also slightly vary the recipe and use a melted caramel poured on top. It's not *technically* creme brulee - but it's close enough for a french class.

Or, if you have a Sur Le Table near you, they make a creme-brulee flavored spread! Buy that and spread it atop the creme brulee custard. =]