Antique Woodworking

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Alternative route to Antique restoration/furniture builder?

I am REALLY interested in Furniture Restoration, specifically Antique Woodworking.

I know that many Art schools offer majors in this field, but what if I cannot do that.

Would joining the United Brotherhood of Carpenters be an option?

Best Answer...


Not really. You would learn tools for woodworking but not specific tools for furniture and cabinets. Furniture building is more in line with cabinet-makers. While some carpenters can build furniture, the Union does not. You would learn so much more at a furniture or cabinet shop. I am half self-taught and half learned by a friend. I also was in the Union at age 18. It gave general knowledge, but we built forms, scaffolds, etc... If that is where you want to start to gain employment and general knowledge, then go for it. Hope this helps a little.