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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to re-purpose doilies and hand embroidered vintage linens?

I have a large collection of old doilies and hand embroidered linens (such as dresser scarves) and I don't use them, but they are things my grandmothers and great aunts made, so I want to keep them. Any ideas how to use them or display them in a way that doesn't take much space or maintenance? My home gets very dusty compared to the average city home due to having a woodstove and gravel driveway, so fancy pillows isn't going to work.

I'm good at crafts and sewing.


Best Answer...


Frame doilies in a picture frame with a colorful backing so the pretty stitches show up.
Make two doilies into a purse for Easter or spring wear, with a backing of med. weight fabric and interfacing. You could use a matching color or one that shows off your doilie. I have one that is all white that I use in the spring.
As for dresser scarves, thats is a little harder. You could use them for table runners when you have company or at holidays. You could use a larger one or two for a valance or curtain. Or make a pretty collage with several items in a poster frame, adding a photo( either paper or printed on fabric) of the women who made the items.