Tin Wall

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Frequently Asked Questions...

girls PLEASE help...its so stressful...?

our engagement pictures are Thursday (March 19th)...i STILL dont have anything to wear! my fiance has his outfits picked out (black button up shirt, with mid-wash jeans. Normal nice t shirt with dark wash jeans)

our photographer said not to wear plain white, not to wear plaids or prints, and not to wear matching colors.
our pictures are being done on a red brink wall, tan brick wall, red tin wall, rail road tracks, and a black brick wall (all old and urban-y!!)
we want to dress casual...i just want to wear jeans but what the heck am i gonna wear. i have been shopping to every store in the world. i have gone through my closet, my friends closets...but i cant find a shirt...PLEASE help me. i appreciate it SOO much

Best Answer...


jeans , high heels , some yellow flattery shirt .. or maybe : orange , brown , bronze ...

check this out :



or wear something plain and add accessories , gold ones ..




stuff like that , keep it simple , jeans , heels , makeup , hair , accessories.. =)) gd luck and congrats xx