Striker Fire

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Striker Fire


The fire safety consultant Yorkshire industry

Fire strikes indiscriminately and when you least expect it. That is the message that the fire safety consultant Yorkshire industry has been giving out recently – and it is a message that resonates well enough with the people of Yorkshire that most Northern businesses are seriously looking into upping their knowledge and preparedness.

That, of course, is the other message that fire safety concerns all over the country wish to provide. The best way to minimise your chances of having property, profits and even lives destroyed by fire, is to make sure that all of your employees are as well informed as possible about the dangers of fire, and opportunities for fire, presented by the building and the industry that they work in. The fire safety consultant Yorkshire industry is concerned with spreading high volumes of information, with giving targeted training and with providing proper fire safety audits and risk assessments: so that the Northern parts of the United Kingdom can face 2011 as prepared as it is possible to be for the unfortunate eventuality of a blaze.

Studies have shown that an educated work force is way more likely to minimise fire damage both to property and persons, than a work force that has not received instruction in simple things like what to do when fire is discovered; what to do in the event of an evacuation; and so on. The fire safety consultant Yorkshire industry is currently concerned with providing that knowledge, by offering completely bespoke fire safety training courses and audits to every Northern English business. By visiting businesses on their own premises, the fire consultants are able to bring home specific points: and to teach staff en masse by helping them conduct real live drill practices and risk assessments. The benefits of working o site are immeasurable: it is here that the employees being trained actually work, so by showing them what to do in site, the
fire safety consultant
Yorkshire industry is making every point, every lesson and every word directly relevant. That, of course, is always the best way to learn – when you can see that the thing you are learning is relevant to your own life. How much more relevant can something be than the threat or possibility of fire where you work – where you spend five out of every seven waking days for most of your life?

There are practical financial considerations at work here too. Insurance premiums can lessen significantly if a company can prove that it is engaged in long term, ongoing fire prevention and reaction training. The presence of a team from a fire safety consultant Yorkshire can be evidence that a company is taking its duties of care and attention very seriously – and that can lead to such a diminished risk of fire that some insurance companies will take this into consideration when calculating business premiums. Being fire aware and trained also lessens the risk of fines from Government bodies, not to mention controlling the costs of equipment installed to help warn of or fight against a blaze.

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