Star Pip

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How is Estella associated with starlight in Great Expectations?

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There is a passage in the beginning when Pip and Joe assist in the search for Magwich, before Pip meets Estella. He looks to the stars and thinks of staring at them and being caught in the cold light and frozen by them with no help or pity. This foreshadows not only how Estella treats him, but it echoes in Miss Havisham's message to Estella. Estella is as cold, as distant, and as beautiful as the stars Pip sees on that cold night. And Pip freezes in her stare, where there is no help and no pity for him. Edit to add because I forgot last night, the first sentence of my response should be: It begins with her name, it comes from "stella" Latin for star and continues from there. There is a passage...etc.