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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are some fun and decorative items to add to a backyard turtle pond?

Pics or links welcome to show your ideas. Thank you!

Best Answer...


I built a narrow arched wooden bridge for my 900 gal. peanut shaped pond, to cross the middle section (not big enough for people, only about 2 ft. wide). The turtles spent hours on it, as well as the frogs. It had rails (high enough for the turtles to slide off an into the water from the bridge, but they had to access it from the land), and birds would often perch. It wasn't unusual to see a squirrel or chipmonk cross it, either.

Decoy birds are nice... ducks, swans, or cranes.

Birdbaths, of course.

Spouting fish or turtles on the pond edge.

Of course, low multi-colored walkway lights nestled into the plants add a lovely touch for nighttime, as well as (Hmmm what are these called?) suspended candle lanterns (steel rods you push into the ground that have a hook for handing a glass lantern which takes tea candles). I also had pedestals with colored glass orbs here and there, as well as sundials. Every where were Pagodos (sp?) and ornamental animals. My favorite touch were all the Tiki tourches (I'm a pyromaniac-wanna-be - I LOVE fire), but if you use them make sure they are far enough from the water for the smoke not to deliver toxic fumes into it (if you use citronella oils).

Hanging small antique bird cages in trees close to the pond is a nice touch (you can put ornamental birds in them).

I also had one end, opposite the more "Japenese flavor side," which needed a retaining wall so we used whole sections of telephone poles tied together with heavy rope strands at ground level and the top (secured with steel straps on the inside, of course) and on the 3 ft. drop this provided, we did a flat gravel area "fish warf" type motif, with assorted large shells, ocean birds, nets, trap floats, etc.

I lost all my pics when my system crashed. :( (

I had 8 ponds on my 10 acres: 2 turtle, and 6 koi. I sure do miss them.

Hope this has been helpful.

***ADD If you use water lilies in a turtle pond, be sure to research them. Some are quite toxic. Also, I don't recommend mixing expensive koi and turtles. But, you can get large gold fish for the turtle pond.