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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can one astrological sign have a calling for another, non-compatible sign? For instance, Virgo for Scorpio.?

Or Scorpio for Virgo?

Best Answer...


The problem with casual astrology is that people tend to think they are stuck in the basic profile of their sign. There are, for every sign, primitive and advanced profiles.

There's also the influence of the other astrological bodies. The Sun sign is seen as the major influence, but the Moon, Rising, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, etc. all come into play.

Then there are the disagreements among astologers. Some say, for example, that if you're a fire sign, other fire signs are compatible (in my Leo experience, Aries is just poison, so I put little faith in that notion). Others say that the complementary sign, the one that's opposite yours in the chart, is the right one, so a Leo like me should go for an Aquarius. Then again there are the anomolous links, like Leo-Pisces, that often work.

It all contributes to the inescapable conclusion that astrology is an art, not a science.