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How Should I Decorate My Bedroom Using These Colors?

Ok I just moved into mysisters bed room and I am not allowed to change her wall colors which are light brown and solid pink, with little wight, and I really want to use the same colors but with some new bright colors!

Thank you,

PS: Her bed is size Queen

Best Answer...


Brown and pink do go great together, in fact there are many comforters that use those three colors together. Go to Target on line and click on teen bedding. You can use brighter shades, but stick to those three colors. It is a rule of thumb to use three main colors in a room to make it unified and coordinated. Throw pillows for the bed, rugs, candles, curtains, pictures for on your walls, picture frames,etc. can all be found in brighter pinks, browns and a crisp clean white. Good luck! You will make the room your own!