Punch Needle

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Punch Needle Embroidery!!!?

I love it! I just found it at the craft store and am starting my first project.

So what are some ideas for using the finished project? Do I just cut it out of the material? I'm thinking of framing it, but what else can I do?

Does it matter what color material I buy? They have darks, creams, whites...

And last but not least, do you know of any free punch needle patterns on the net, and how would I then transfer a picture on a plain piece of paper onto the material? Any suggestions?

Thanks, I'm really excited about this new craft I've found!

Best Answer...


Like you I have just taken up this hobby and find it very relaxing. I have just finished doing 4 serviettes & tablecloth(white background). I used 4 different fruit on the serviettes and sides of tablecloth, with a basket of fruit in the centre of the tablecloth. I did not double up on any fruit and it looks quite effective. I got the pictures off Sickdesigns and printed them out. You can use dressmakers carbon paper or plain carbon paper to transfer them on to your material. What craft store did you obtain this craft from? None in my area have anything on it, so I have to use my initiative.