Primitive Tags

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Tag has today been banned from a Primary School playground!!! What do you think about this? Gone too far?

Too dangerous they say. Our children will find it hard to survive in the real world when all risks are taken out of life when they are young.

Indoor play when its cold, wet snowy-- Health and Saftey.

Would you sue if you child slipped on the snow and broke their arm??

Best Answer...


Wow. The sheer idiocy of this belies belief.

I wouldn't sue if my son hurt himself playing tag-he got headbutted by a young boy(accidental) at his former school and had a massive black eye-they were surprised when he was in school the next day-what?? I had to be bed-ridden to get a day off when I was young. He has fallen down and banged himself more times than I care to count-in and out of school-it's called being a boy!

When I was at school we played British bulldog, primitive rugby(and I mean primitive), tag, hide and seek etc AND we had trees to climb too-IN school!!!

Dinner ladies had pink chequered tabards on with a seemingly never ending supply of foxes glacier mints in them,(no sweets in school now thanks to the food police), and would march you off to the first aid room for treatment with savlon cream and a plaster-but only if you were REALLY bleeding, grazes didn't count. They certainly didn't phone home to tell your Mum that you'd grazed your knee which appears to be the latest trend.

Do you know what? I survived, flourished even, in an environment where you had freedom to play and express yourselves(when that didn't mean a tyrade of four letter words and obscene gestures).

I'm the wrong side of 30 now, with kids of my own and I wonder what will become of those children whose parents wholly subscribe to this way of thinking when they enter the 'real' world of adulthood-where it ISN'T always fair and you regularly DON'T get what you want and having a tantrum and threatening to tell your Mum or sue won't help you.