Primitive Stitchery

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Whats a good name for a primitive stitchery business?

I stitch (cross-stitch) primitive/folk art/ country pictures and I need to come up with a name to put on the labels on the back so that I can advertise. My name is Ashley ... I cant think of anything! here is a picture of the type of things i stitch

this isnt my work but something similar to what i do to give you an idea. i need help I cant think.

Best Answer...


Ashley's Embroidery Shop? Ashley's Samplers? Needlework By Ashley? Ashey's Silk Tableaux?

Don't get too tied up in worrying about names. Spell every word in the name correctly and avoid names beginning Mc or Mac so that people can find you in alphabetical directories. (For example, try to find Quick Cars and Mace Groceries in the London phone book. Both are there. You won't be able to find Quick because it's spelled Kwik, and you wouldn't know that if you heard the name. Mace is sorted as though it were spelled Mce.)

The important things are that your work is good and your price is suited to the market you're in. Choosing a name for the business does not matter much. It is a little job that you can delegate. Let your first employee do it on his (her) first day of duty.