Primitive Punched

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who do you prefer, Karin or Sakura? ?

I prefer Karin, I don't hate her, and I don't like her either due to her obsession.

Sakura and Karin are similar, they both like Sasuke-kun, they both are medic-nins, but Sakura has her primitive punch and kicks and Karin's sensory thingy.

Both almost got killed by Sasuke after he defeated Danzo, the only difference is Karin walked away. Sakura still claims that she loves him even after trying to kill her numerous times.

I'm like "Sakura, give up!" If she really loves Sasuke, why did her resolve waver? Instead of saving him, she wanted to kill him. Naruto did not let his resolve waver. Ugh, Sakura is just so pathetic.

So, yeah. Karin has my vote. What about you guys? But I still don't like her.

Best Answer...


Sakura (after sasuke tried to kill her ) , since she stopped using sasuke-kun in everything and her medical ninjutsu is awesome plus she can be pretty useful in a fight , also and this is the MAJOR reason is that she saw chiyo using her jutsu to bring back Gaara , now this is my own personal prediction but I believe Sakura will make herself useful at the very end and bring back either sasuke or naruto and this will put a stop to the never ending who will Sakura end up with debate .

now Karin has awesome sensing skills and it's always fun to see her with suigetsu but she's still obsessing over sasuke and now that she's an Uzumaki people are starting this naruto x Karin thing which doesn't make any sense , if both of them weren't sasuke fans I would pick Karin if she wasn't such a stalker .