Primitive Folk

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do Theists constantly try to ruin the wonder that is the universe by saying its created ?

By some magical being in the clouds.
I also would rather not be a being that has been designed and is some uber beings pet project.

Best Answer...


it is vanity

i was watching a program about ethiopian tribes women the other day, they walk around naked with body paintings, they beat each other until they bleed with big sticks to show who is the biggest man.
the women put semi circular plates in their lips totally disfiguring themselves.

they are primitive folk, and thats great, no disrespect to their culture.

but they are a far cry from the concieted self image westerners have of man.

those tribal people clearly show us a halfway point between what we consider civilsed humans and the ancestors who first left the forests millions of years ago

christians deny the bleeding obvious that we have evolved from simpler beings.

australopithecus, cro magnon, homo erectus,neanderthal etc...all stages on the way to becoming modern man

the wonder of the unknown is far more beautiful than god did it

that is just the ultimate cop out