Napkin Holder

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What can be made of the following items for my speech class presentation?

any # of ballons
any # of straws
any # of paper clips
a cardboard center from any size roll
something orange
a piece of paper standard size
any # of rubber bands or some other type of elastic
Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Best Answer...


Balloons: Make balloon animals!
Straws: You can make a weaving loom out of straws and masking tape.
Paper Clips: Make a paper clip necklace.
Cardboard Center: Cut it into round rings and now you have napkin holders.
Something Orange: Pin it to your shirt. You've made a fashion statement and you really stand out now.
Paper: Oragami!
Rubberbands: Rubber band ball.

If you need to make ONE item out of all of these, make a rain stick. Take a paper towel sized roll. Glue the paper around it. Take one balloon and cut off the bottom, and place it over one end of the roll. Fill the roll with paper clips and cut up peices of straws. Take another balloon and cover the other end. Wrap the rubber bands around each balloon that is covering each end, to secure them on. Decorate it with orange things. Now you have a rain stick. If you turn it over, it will make a sound that sounds like heavy rain. The Native Americans used to make them (not with the same materials, of course) and use them during tribal dances.