Mold Candle

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Does Anyone Know Anything About Candle Making Equipment?

When making carved candles you have to dip the mold candle many times into different colored wax. My question what is the thing called that hold the wax. It looks like a box with 6 buckets in it. I am sorry my description is not very good but i do not know how else to describe it. Thank you in advance for all answers =)

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Now you had me searching for the answer for you, and guess what....I found it!

I remembered seeing it on discovery channel/ how it's made so that's where I started. They let me put in their search engine and it showed a site that has everything you'll need to make your own including the melting and dipping boxes, yes that's what they are called.

I'm sure you could do with just a single dipping box at a time, not the 6 compartment model but it's all on that site for you to drool...err check out.