Milk Paint

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you give a piece of wooden furniture a "shabby chic" finish?

Best Answer...


Below are basic step-by step instructions for two color antiquing, which will definitely give your furniture the look you're going for -

To see the color examples and more info, visit this page:

Two Color Antiquing With Glaze
The look of distressing and antiquing is enhanced on furniture with moldings and raised panels, so choose your piece accordingly.
Start by working on a test board first to perfect your skills and see an example of what your finished project will look like. Do not practice on your new furniture.
Paint on a coat of your selected Milk Paint color.
Let dry and add a second coat.
Buff between coats with #220 sandpaper or superfine sanding sponge.
Apply a layer of water based Top Coat. Allow the Top Coat to dry 2 to 4 hours before applying Glaze. The Top Coat causes the Glaze to slide on the painted surface and allows more open time to wipe the Glaze off. Optional: For a heavily glazed look, skip this Top Coat layer.
Using #100 to 120 grit sandpaper, sand edges of raised panels, doors, drawers and corners of cabinet all the way through to bare wood. Sand heavily for a more rustic look.