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Several Holly Hobbie Items?

1- H.H.Refrigerator Magnet-Vintage,item# 230093838762, 2-H.H. Vintage Wire Side Jars With Receipes, item # 260051819953, 3-H.H. 4 Vintage Wall Plaques Cycling Bikes, item # 170101023300,4-NIB H.H. Grandmothers Love Shadow Box, item # 2700114330577,5-H.H. Wall Hanging- The Sweetest Bouquet, item# 230085794011,6-
H.H. 3-D Decoupage Oval Frames Beach Doll, item # 320097315975, I would like these all in the blue girl Holly Hobbie.
7- Coal buckets not the minatues in black, but the regular size, in new condition.

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Lee Hert

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Have you tried Ebay?
I bet you find it there or