Lovers Knot

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Any good gay romance novels to recommend?

Preferably male.

Best Answer...


Taxi Rojo by Erik Orrantia. I love this book - reminds me of Tales of the City, only the city is Tijuana.

Lovers Knot by Donald Hardy Historical, slightly mystical, a good solid read by an excellent writer

Ethan of Athos by Lois McMasters Bujold. Mostly sci-fi, the romance is understated. Good adventure

Ransom, by Lee Rowan - Sailing ships and two young officers who fall in love when being gay is a death sentence. This has sequels

Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault - The story of Alexander the Great and his lover Hephaestion, from the time they were young boys. Also has sequels, the second being The Persian Boy

The Don Strachey mysteries by Richard Stevenson

Mere Mortals by Erastes - gothic romance set in the marshes of Norfolk.

Those are a few. Here are my favorite review sites for gay romance: