Log Cabin

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to build a simple log cabin?

Anyone know a website that shows detailed info with pictures on how to build a log cabin?

I have a property in the mountains near a stream and there are a lot of fallen trees, so I want to only use the materials found on the land.

What tools would I need?

Best Answer...


Here are some websites to get you started.
http://outlands.tripod.com/farm/logcabin.htm , http://www.alaskaantlerworks.com/Alaska_cabin.htm and rent the movie, "Alone in the Wilderness". A video about Dick Proenneke, who decided to homestead in Alaska.

If the trees on your property have been laying on the ground for any length of time, odds are the bugs have found them and or have began to rot. If they are dead standing then you'll probably be OK.

Tools? A Cell Phone! "Hello, Licensed, experienced Log Home Builder..." If that's not an option then first search what method you want to use(ie Scandinavian Chinkless) and then acquire the tools needed. Although you can build without a chainsaw I would recommend getting a professional model such as a Stihl MS 260 Pro or bigger depending on the size of logs you'll be using.