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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to kill carpenter ants inside a live tree?

The tree is very large elm tree that is old but healthy. I cut off an large old dead branch and found carpenter ants had made a 3 in wide tunnel through it into the trunk of the tree. I flushed it with water and hundreds of ants came out but they wouldn't die with the water. I flooded their hole for @ 15 minutes and the water didnt affect them just made them flee. I want to kill them without killing the tree, and dont want to poison the squirles. Please help before they kill the tree.

Best Answer...


Try sprinkling some diatomaceous earth anywhere you find them. This will not affect your tree. How this stuff works is that it is like microscopic shards of glass that, when they get on the insects, cut and lacerate them at their joints causing them to eventually "bleed" and die. There are some that contain a small amount of insecticide, which is also harmless to your tree, which will further speed the kill time and ratio! It's FANTASTIC stuff. As with any bug killer/pesticide, avoid breathing the powder/dust.

Hope that helps! Good luck and Happy Growing!