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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can someone define what different golf clubs do?

i need these defined:
it needs to be really detailed like, how many of each there are and if the highest goes farther or shortest and stuff like that.
Thanks for your help!

Best Answer...


Driver- for teeing off, hopefully getting the ball in the fairway. Rarely used anywhere else (though it is possible to hit it off the ground and chip with it). It has the lowest loft (from 7 to 16 degrees), is the longest club (43-46 inches). There is usually only one in everyone's bag, though Phil Mickelson used a two-driver strategy at the Masters (one 45" and fade biased, the other 46" and draw biased).

Fairway wood- nowadays, there are 3 (13-15 degrees), 4 (16-18*), 5 (19-20*) and 7 (21-23*) woods; some manufacturers make 9 and 11 woods, but they are rare. They have smaller heads than drivers, and are for long shots from the fairway/rough. They can also be used on the tee box, and for chipping (this is a reoccurring theme, as any club can be used as a chipping club, depending on the situation).

Hybrids- Generally, these are replacement clubs for the 3 (19-20*), 4 (23-24*), 5 (26-28*) and 6 (28-31*) irons. They also have replacements for the 1 and 2 irons, but they aren't as common. Some hybrids have a head big enough to act as a fairway wood. They are versatile clubs- off the tee, chipping around the green, in the very thick rough, or out of fairway bunkers.

Long irons- 3,4 and 5 irons. The hardest clubs to hit... that's why so many switch to hybrids.

Middle irons- 6, 7 (32-34*) and 8 (36-38*). For approach shots to the green from 150 yards and in. These can also be used to tee off on short par 3s, or used as chipping clubs around the green.

Short irons- 9 (40-42*) and Pitching Wedge (PW- 44-48*). For shots around 100-130 yards and in. Also used for chipping and pitching onto the green.

Wedges- Gap ( GW, also called "attack" or "utility" wedge- 50-53*), Sand ( SW, 54-56*), Lob ( LW, 58-61*) or "X" (XW, anything over 61*). Most can be used anywhere on the course. Even though the SW was originally designed for use in sand bunkers, it is possible to use any type of wedge, depending on the situation. These can be used to chip and pitch, or lob a high, arcing shot that stops quickly on the green.

Loft determines how far each travels, with the lowest loft being the farthest, and the highest loft being the shortest-flying. If there are two clubs with the same loft (say, a hybrid 3 and a 3 iron), the club with the longer shaft will fly the farthest (in this case, the hybrid- all hybrids have a longer shaft than their replacement), since the longer, lighter shaft will produce more clubhead speed. there isn't a significant difference, that's why it is preferred to take the long iron out if you're carrying a 3 hybrid- it's longer, and has more uses than the iron.

There can be 14 clubs, no matter the combination. It can be 1 driver, 2 fairway woods, 1 hybrid, 4-PW, GW and SW, putter. It can be 14 drivers, or 1 driver and 13 putters. It's all up to the person, what his/her yardages are, what kind of course they're playing, etc.