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Is their a demand for fine iron work like candle abras wall sconce ,?

as well as custom head boards for beds with hand forged vines and leafs with small snakes and insects hand forged art turned into home furniture what do you think? could a person building these type of items really sell them and if so where. --thanks.

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Well we use iron fabrications all of the time in our design business. We've used everything from bar stools, to table bases, to pot racks, to railings, to hardware, to mirror frames, to etageries, to coat racks, to trunk and furniture bases, to plant stands, to garden art, to trellises, to tapestry and drapery rods. Yes, there is a huge market for it.

Profitability is your main concern. In the western US, most of our iron work comes out of Mexico where we can have it made inexpensively and still make our mark-up. They can make anything that literally you can draw. The problem is that it isn't always perfect and sometimes you have to have joints re-welded, leaves added, elements repaired.

But, when I go to the design districts in southern and midwestern states, it is just as popular, but they aren't paying the transporation price from mexico because wrought and cast iron is heavy. And, because of the imperfections they prefer local artisans. So that would be your best market for furniture. I'd try to get a booth at one of the shows, there is rarely dealers showing custom iron works.

Out in CA, the biggest market for custom iron works locally is gates, decorative fences and inserts, yard art, railings, etc. made to measure and designer specified. Big bucks in that work because it cannot come out of Mexico. Check out Metal Amore, they do a lot of business in San Diego, have a website and do some awesome custom work.

But, if you can do some of that kind of work, there is a market with interior designers and custom home builders. Even condo converters are using in their retros out here.

Good luck.