French Pure

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which is a better name for a bottled water brand?

Which is a better name for a bottled water brand?
- L'eau Pure (means Pure Water in French)
- Pure Water
- Burg (as in ice burg)
- Or come up with your own!!!!!!! Be creative!

Also how much WOULD you pay? not want to pay but would. Want to pay is the next question:

A) under $1 per bottle
B) between $1 - 1.49
C) between $1.50 - 2
D) between $3 -5
E) over $5

now how much do you want to pay per bottle...beside nothing!
the water in discussion is filtered in 5 steps and is then boiled and the fresh steam collected and condenced to get the freshed most pure spring water there is!

Best Answer...


(FYI, 'Evian' spelled backwards is 'Naive')

Whichever name you choose, it's best not to include catastrophe with the water name, like:

(1) Burg Titanic: "It's a hit!"
(2) Warming Glaciers: "It's texture will pour over you!"

..and don't use specific waters:

(1) Saltwater Splash: it'll keep you going for more!
(2) Septic Sensation: "now in minty cover-up flavor!"

Payment for the water depends on the style of filtration, but does anyone ever want to pay a higher amount?