Floorcloth Floor

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Primitive Colonial Starburst Floor Cloth 4x6
Primitive Colonial Starburst Floor Cloth 4x6
Primitive Colonial Starburst Floor Cloth 3x5 Yellow Ochre
Primitive Colonial Starburst Floor Cloth 3x5 Yellow Ochre
Primitive Willow Tree Floor Cloth Navy Blue with Colonial White Border 2x3
Primitive Willow Tree Floor Cloth Navy Blue with Colonial White Border 2x3
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Floorcloth Floor

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Why you should opt as built floor plans over Pre-construction Design Floor Plans

An important question arises, what approach should be taken to make sure the floor plans plus the square footage is accurate and meets the industry standards?

The fair answer to this fundamental question has been wonderfully given by obtaining the As-Built floor plans or what so called ‘measured drawings’.

For all those who might not be fully aware of these terms, it is sketching in short; how do you see your building?. After it has been built and not how you see it in the design stage floor plan before construction.

As-Built floor plans (floor plans generated from filed measurement) are highly preferred over pre-construction design floor plans because it reflects the true condition of the space or the building at the time of measuring.

If your being a commercial, industrial real estate or property owner or developer, make sure to have building measurement and property measurement done to the BOMA /SIOR leasing standards.

It is important before you close the deal; you might get up to 10% additional in revenue (Rentable Area).

To make things easy for readers, let’s compile all the advantages of As-Built floor plans/ measured drawings under one header. Here we explain why you should opt As-Built floor plans over pre-construction design floor plans.

As Built Floor Plans are highly accurate

Having Floor plans generated from on site by using Laser measuring tools, blue tooth connected to laptop along with the surveyor experience can be darn accurate.

Measured drawings help Architects, space planners, lease professionals to get a detailed look at the space.

As-Built Floor Plans, property measurement are cost-effective.

Floor plans and measurements of your lease space, or entire building can help you save allot of money.

When you do accurate measurements, you automatically saving allot of the cost, you might be spending if the area was not measured properly. That term is called ‘Opportunity cost’.

Depends on the size, complexity of the building, floor plans and measurement, turn around could be amazingly fast, and some times up to 160,000 Sq.Ft a day.

Make sure you don’t take a wrong turn while looking for a right solution for your renovation, demolition,

expansion or any normal challenges you might need in your building measurement layouts.

For more information about as built measuring, property measurement, BOMA building measurement services, Please visit our site

Or contact us directly 1-888-806-5475 or locally 905486-2081

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