Floor Cloth

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Frequently Asked Questions...

A few questions about floor cloth.?

Considering using a large floor cloth to cover my wall-to-wall carpeting that I hate. I just want to drape it over the existing wall-to-wall. Where would you get floor cloth & exactly what is it made out of? I know you can paint it if you want to. Where would I buy this item. Can you get a piece of floor cloth 11 x 15 feet? Any information is appreciated.

Best Answer...


I know they make floor cloth to go over solid flooring, and you use a spray adhesive to keep it from slipping.

I haven't heard of any for carpet. You could buy a different color carpet remnant from one of the box stores, that usually runs around $100.00 for the size you need.

You could also get a few area rugs and place them over your existing carpet. It would look cool, and be extra padded for your feet!