Door Wreath

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Bird built nest on front door wreath. What do I do?

A tiny bird, built a very tiny nest in the wreath on our front door. There are three teeny blue eggs inside. It's not a bother to me since I come and go via the garage. But how can I protect them? I'm worried about the mailman and neighbors if they come up to the house. Should I put up a sign to warn people? Caution tape? LOL. How long will it be until I can open the front door again?

Best Answer...


Were you using the front door while the nest-building & egg laying were going on? If so then maybe the birds aren't bothered by the activity. Incubation could be about 15 days but then you have to wait for the babies to leave the nest---another 2 or 3 weeks maybe. Actually incubation & rearing of the chicks all depends on the species of bird so the number of days I came up w is just a lose estimate anyway.

If you really don't need to use your front door you could put a note up so that nobody gets scared if a bird comes flying out of the nest. I love the caution tape idea. Really =: ]

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