Cupboard Cabinet

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I am going to re-model my kitchen and the master bathroom! IDEAS ?! dark countertop...?

Hello! Im going to re-model my kitchen and the master bedroom's bathroom. umm. the counter tops are a darkish oak brown but its made of marble + has these little granite pieces. =) so its not plain? ANYWAYS! i was wondering if you could tell me what I should paint the cupboards + cabinets... my downstairs walls are a brightish olive green. THANKS! (= btw my cupboards+cabinets are brown and my wall for bathroom is green. and kitchen is yellow.

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I am having a hard time picturing those colors together. Why don't you use this selector software on this flooring site. You can change the cabinet tops, the cabinet color, the wall color, and of course the flooring and you can even upload a picture of your rooms. It might help.
This is the home page

This is the selector program. Jut follow the instructions and pick a room that looks closest to your own.

Good luck with your project.