Crocheted Rag

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Ideas for Recycling Creatively, Anyone?

Cool websites/books that has pictures of items recyled to something else for a different purpose. For example recyling unwanted shirts that has a cool print/color to make another piece/style of clothing.

Best Answer...


My daughter had to make a musical instrument out of recycled materials for a school project. She got all sorts of metal bits from our local garbage-dump shop -- old fire alarms, brass bathroom fittings (taps, pipes, pipe collars, etc), sproing-y bits of heavy wire and metal strips, etc. --- and made a fantastic-sounding set of bells. It looked terrible, but played great (percussion style), and she used several different kinds of strikers, too -- wood, metal rods, rods with hard felt hammerheads on the ends, plastic rods, etc.

Plastic films or sheets -- such as pieces cut from the sides of milk & drink bottles -- can be drawn on with markers, and cut to shape, then shrunk in a low-heat oven so it hardens up. The shapes can be used for jewelry, toys (mind all safety considerations), game pieces for home-made games, lots of other uses.

Actually, there should be loads of kids' stuff made out of recycled stuff: beach toys, bottle-cap toys, arts & crafts stuff, kids gardening equipment, science experiments, magic-show props, and so on.

Quilts are a venerable example of recycling of fabrics. So are braided and crocheted rag rugs.

Gardeners also recycle a lot of stuff into handy gadgets for their gardens -- bug traps, mini-greenhouses, candle lanterns, trellises, bird-houses, bird baths, path materials, garden dividers, etc.

If you want to check out some really off-beat recycling efforts, google for hobo art and trench art.

For something more modern, check out the TV series called "Scrapheap Challenge." I think it's a British series, so you'll need to find out via the internet. The people on the show always look like they're having loads of fun, too.

Hope this gives you some ideas where good things could be found.