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Frequently Asked Questions...

Am I crazy for painting my oak kitchen cabinets?

Im remodeling my kitchen with oak cabinets. Im going with country/primitive look and I want to paint the cabinets a dark country blue, then sand them to give them a primitive/antique finish but everyone is telling me Im crazy. I thought the guy at the paint store was going to fall over. Am I really crazy for doing this to my oak cabinets? What's the big deal?

Best Answer...


I had oak in my other house. I wanted white, but it was a big upgrade price. Since this was a new house, I never mentioned painting husband would have thought I was crazy. The house we live in now had wood cabinets; they were 70's and very outdated. We painted them white and distressed them. We have new nickle finish hardware and it looks GREAT!!!!! You are not crazy. Go for it. Men love stained wood...I Hate It! I love painted wood. Just beware, it is a lot of work, but well worth it. And besides, it's you house. If people don't like them, the don't have to come over. You can also tell people when they make the house payment, they can

We went to Lowe's paint dept. We told them what we were doing and they sold us a great primer. It is oil base, but after it dries, you can use any type of paint, oil or latex. It seals very well.

Good Luck!