Cottage Chic

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What should I put in my Room?

I'm moving into a new house, so i can decorate my own room! But the problem is that i have no idea what to put in there! I'm a young teen so i my style is very Chic, vintage, hot kind of thing. Any suggestions? Thanks so much :D
My new room is also pretty small so it can't be too big that i won;t be able to move around. Thanks for the Tips:D
I like Vintage the whole Flowers and light colours and everything, but a want abit splash of colour into just to make it Pop! Some colours I like are White,purple,Gold that sort of thing. It has to feel really comfy to me cuz i spend lots of time in my Room

Best Answer...


Light paint color, white furniture, for vintage accessories visit your local thrift stores, good wills, Arc Value Village (secondhand shops), garage sales, or Estate sales.
Maybe a light purple shade, Pearl Violet (Behr paint)

Maybe PB teen bedspread:
It's light purple, white, and black

Hang photos (with ribbon on photo frame, a set of 3) off these vintage chic hooks or hang up clothes/purses:

black shag rug (or any color you want)

IKEA paper light

Another Idea, would be a loft bed with a desk space underneath.